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  • Adolescent Therapy

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    We specialize in therapy for adolescents. Since adolescents go through many transitions (i.e. puberty, transitioning from middle school to high school, getting a first job, becoming more independent from family, experiencing their first dating relationship, etc.), they are often under a lot of stress. Sometimes when their stress is too great or they have difficulty adjusting to these types of transitions, mental health problems can manifest as a result. The common problems we see adolescents develop in these situations include depression, anxiety, acting out behaviors, and unhealthy coping mechanisms such as disordered eating or substance use.

    As adolescents become more independent from their families, this can be a difficult adjustment for their parents as well. It is also challenging for families to know how to support their adolescent when they see them struggling with mental health issues. Although the majority of my sessions with adolescents is individual therapy, it is also important for parents to be included in occasional joint parent-child or family sessions; as well as some individual parent sessions for parenting support. Parent involvement is very important because when adolescents struggle, there are often issues within the family dynamic as a whole that need to be addressed.